PSRMA YouTube Channel

Over the last week, our website team has assembled nearly 70 videos from our old website archives and uploaded them to the Association’s YouTube channel.  We encourage you to view them now at  In the coming weeks, all videos will be categorized into playlists based on the subject matter and the equipment visible in the videos.  There are also a few home movies shot on the San Diego and Arizona railway from the days of the “Espee” and SD&A.  Videos range from footage shot by volunteers of the Golden State Limited at Miller Creek to the movement of SP 2353 to Campo by truck to television news broadcasts featuring the Museum and its equipment.  We hope that all of you will enjoy these videos.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates when we post new videos to the channel.

Next on the list of things to migrate to the YouTube channel is the PSRMA Filmography: clips from movies, television shows, and commercials where PSRMA equipment or facilities were used.  Feedback is always welcome.  Feel free to contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” button above and adding “Website” to the subject line.


-Martin Caestecker, Volunteer and Webmaster for the PSRMA