Volunteer Information

Please send a note to Volunteer for help with volunteering questions.

Volunteers are essential to the day-to-day operation of our museum. From the board of directors to the train crew to the mechanical department, thousands of hours are volunteered each year by our 100% volunteer staff. We are ALWAYS looking for more people to help us keep the Museum in good working order. As a volunteer, you will learn new skills and build long-lasting friendships. No prior experience is required. If you are willing and able to learn, we will teach you any and all of the necessary skills for the areas where you would like to become involved.

Steps to becoming a Volunteer:

  • Become a Museum Member
  • Send a note to Volunteer with the department you’re interested in volunteering for.
    • Departments are listed below.
    • You don’t have to limit yourself to just one!.

Volunteer Activities Calendar

To volunteer for one of the following events, please email volunteer@psrm.org

Volunteer Opportunities by Department:

As a member of the operations department, you will get the opportunity to help us run our weekly excursion trains out on the SD&A main line. Once members pass the required rules testing and on-the-job training sessions, you can become a qualified member of our railroad! The jobs offered under the operations department are:
• Locomotive Engineer
• Conductor
• Brakeman
• Train Attendant
• Speeder Operator

Other positions that assist the members of our operations staff include:
• Ticket Agent / Gift Shop Staff
• Museum Docent

Have you ever wanted to work on railroad equipment, restore a locomotive or railcar, or learn the ins and outs of everyday railroad equipment? The mechanical department is right up your alley! Members of the mechanical department are responsible for keeping our vast collection of operational equipment running and in top working order. Under the close guidance of our experienced mechanical team, anyone can lend a hand in the monumental task of keeping our railroad running no matter how much mechanical know-how you might have. The mechanical department also oversees the restoration of equipment we are trying to get back into service. Be advised: you WILL get dirty!

Our Campo facility is quite a large and busy place. The members of the facilities department help to keep our museum’s grounds looking their best. These folks are the “jacks of all trades” when it comes to repairing and maintaining the many buildings, roads, signs, lights, and displays. The facilities department is a perfect place for those who embrace being handymen and women.

Museum Services
The members of the museum services department are responsible for many of the Museum’s interactions with the public. From cataloging the items we add to our collection each year to inventorying our vast library collection of maps, books, photographs and more, these folks provide an essential service to our Museum. Also included in this department is vigorous ‘road show’ activity throughout the Southern California area, as well as a ‘Speaker’s Bureau’, designed to promote the museum and its programs. Members with an outgoing personality are always needed to staff these traveling booths and provide informational programs for various clubs and groups throughout the year.

Special Events
Throughout the year, Campo plays host to many special events. From Christmas time with our North Pole Limited trains to the Museum’s annual Fire Up the Iron Horse food and beverage festival, there is always an event in need of planning at the Museum. When we put on these events, extra hands are always appreciated. Event setup, tear down, and supervision are just a few of the jobs the special events department members perform.

Are You a Specialist?
Do you have an area of expertise that can be applied to railroading or our museum? We’d love for you to come share your skills with us. No matter what you do, we can always use another friendly face to help our museum grow and change.

If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, please send an email to volunteer@psrm.org.