Final 1963 meeting of the San Diego County Railway Museum Association will be held Sunday, November 17, 1963, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sanders, 7861 Normal Avenue, La Mesa.

Agenda will include the election of officers, a presentation of the findings of the Museum Committee, a report from the excursion director, and final action on incorporation.

Members should be prepared to present nominations for 1964's officers. ln line with the standing rules, voting will be by secret ballot, one office at a time.

Museum committee membership will be approved and a regular committee report will be presented.

Wally Duthie will propose a 1964 mainline excursion project.

If members desire, the host will screen his San Diego street car film. A slide projector will be available for members' use.

Yes, bring a guest. All interested persons are invited.

Remember the date. It's next Sunday, November 17, 7:30 p.m., at 7861 Normal Avenue in La Mesa.


SDCRMA Museum Committee, Walter Hayward, chairman, has forwarded letters to appropriate parties concerning acquisition of a caboose or other equipment and use of land for temporary storage. No commitments have been made, however, and action to date will be outlined at the November meeting.

Hayward has requested meeting time for a comprehensive review. Committee may meet again before the meeting.


SDCRMA members who do not belong to RHSofSD might be interested in the latter group's museum activity.

At the November meeting RHSofSD President Earle Swaine stated that the Society would establish a railway museum. Mrs. Gladys Skeen, museum committee chairman, again reported that her group was studying the land problem. She indicated that work was in progress but that she was not in a position to report on the nature of current negotiations. Mrs. Skeen also inquired about the dimensions of a building for one-car storage.

Swaine then informed the members that the United States Gypsum narrow gauge car would soon need to be removed from its present Gillespie Field location. He indicated that the car was in need of repair. It was suggested that the car be sold to a narrow gauge railway or a rail-fan group and the proceeds be placed in the Car 54 restoration fund. Vice President Tommy Mann stated that funds were needed for 54 and that manpower was in short supply. Some members felt that the Society had over-extended itself.

After considerable discussion, a vote was taken with members voting to keep the narrow gauge car as a museum piece.

Car 54 restoration is proceeding slowly but surely. The project, in this reporter's opinion, is one of which RHS members can feel proud. Locomotive 104 and private car "Carriso Gorge", considering their age are also in good condition. 528 is in need of work.

The U.S. Gypsum car, in the writer's opinion is in good shape. It has never been cleaned so it is dirty inside the cabin. Wooden windows and doors need refurbishing. The car, nearly all metal, can stand a paint job. Nevertheless, it still makes a good appearance.


May I offer a sincere thank you to all members for cooperation received. I am truly grateful.

Perhaps there was no great leap forward in 1963, but surely there has been some progress thanks to all concerned. We've met regularly, we staged one fine