This announcement is the official request for nominations for the 1971 Executive Officers of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc. The following positions are open for nominations: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one Board—Member—At—Large.

All nominations must be received by July 19, 1970. They may be mailed in to be received before that date, or may be made in person at the July 19th General Meeting. Nominations will be closed at that meeting. Nominations by mail should be sent to the Secretary, %PSRMA, P.O. Box 12096, San Diego, CA 92112.

The August issue of REPORT wil1 list the nominees for each office, and a request for absentee ballots made for those who will not be able to attend the October meeting. All absentee ballots must be received by August 31.

At the October General meeting, the absentee ballots and those of the members present will be counted by a special 3—man election committee. This committee will also be elected at the same meeting.


Equipment is the heart of any railway museum. But, it must be interesting, unusual, varied, and most of all there must be lots of it...When the time arrives for PSRMA to display all of our historic collection at a permanent site hopefully we will have a significant amount to show. Right now we have four steam locomotives, five freight cars, a passenger coach, a snowplow, a railbus and a line truck. These all make a good nucleus. However, this represents a minimum, the public must be offered a larger and more varied collection. This is especially true if we expect to derive any significant revenue from donations and admission charges. Our museum must appeal to the general public and not just the railfan.

It is hoped that all members are keeping their eyes and ears open for any item that is appropriate for PSRMA. With vacation time near, many of us will be traveling far and wide and may see things of interest to us. If you spot anything note its location and include a complete description. Please send this information to our director of Equipment Acquisition Chalmers Kerr, 2909 First Avenue, Apt. 3A, San Diego, CA 92103


The SD&AE El Cajon branch freight train was held up and robbed on its way through Lemon Grove the morning of May 23rd by three masked men on horseback. The bandits are thought to be part of the Stan Ring gang. Several shots were fired, but no one was injured.

Sound like a newspaper report from the 1870's? Believe it or not, the foregoing events actually occurred recently as a part of Lemon Grove's Old—Time Days celebration. Hundreds of the local citizenry were on hand to witness the action when the train pulled into town, west bound, just before 11 am. Some of the train crew, consisting of engineer Hopkins, Conductor Rogers and Brakeman Smith and McBean were dressed in period garb befitting the occasion. SD&AE Superintendent W. B. Barker was also on hand to observe the "robbery" and later, the parade down Broadway.


Sorry for the late and short REPORT this month. Last minute details on the Steam-up at Miramar held up publication. Next month will feature a full report with pictures on the Miramar Steam-Up, plus a Southwest Corner and other various goodies so don't give up just yet!!!


With the profit from the Puerto Penasco Excursion, the 1970 membership dues and other minor fund-raising activities, the General Fund of PSRMA is now in the black!!

At the May Board meeting, the board authorized repayment of several outstanding loans which now make all the locomotives paid for. These loans were made originally to help defray costs of moving locomotives to the San Diego or Perris location.

The Board also authorised payment of loans on car 576, so at present there remains only $450 left before the coach is ours. There was ample money in the General Fund to pay off all the loans but it was felt that it would be best to keep money in the bank for operating and emergency expenses that might arise with the movement of the locomotives to Miramar NAS.


Our neighbors to the North, the California Southern Railroad Museum had a momentous day in their history on May 2 of this year when their, steam engine, Mojave Northern No. 2, was run under steam for the first time in 20 months. Their engine is a sister engine to our Mojave Northern Engine No. 3, both being obtained and delivered to the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in July, 1966.

After many hours of laborious work, the No. 2 has been restored and will be operating on alternate Saturdays over the CSRM's trackage at the trolley, museum.

PSRMA's No. 3 is still in the same condition as it was the day it arrived in Perris in 1966 and needs many hours of work before it will be in running shape.

Congratulations to the CSRM and here's hoping for a joint day of operation in the near future with their No. 2 and our E. J. Lavino No. 10. What a sight that would be!!!!


26 — Switching of locos to Miramar siding
27 - Steam-up of shay, 8am, for switching of equipment and rides for Navy personnel and PSRMA members

7 - Board Meeting, 7:30pm, San Diego Trust & Savings
19 - General Meeting, 7:30pm, AT&SF Depot San Diego


6 - San Francisco Municipal Railway Excursion. $7.50. Orders for tickets to George Geyer, P.O. Box 12096, San Diego, CA 92112 %PSRMA