Land Search - Prospects Brighten - But Funds A Problem
By Dave Parkinson Chairman, Land Committee


The Land Committee continued its active search for a suitable location to house our permanent museum facility, The Miramar lease is only temporary relief for our long term problem of finding our own home. Results of the land search have been encouraging. Two possible sites near the community of Jacumba in East San Diego County are being seriously examined. Both are adjacent to the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway and are owned by the same private party.

The Land Committee and Museum Board of Directors have inspected both sites on a recent field trip to Jacumba. We were favorably impressed by the terrain and potential for an interesting museum operation, despite some problems to be overcome. The general membership was treated to a discussion and visual tour of the sites via color slides at the April general meeting. Preliminary negotiations with the land owner are underway although nothing had been formally resolved at this date.


While we actively negotiate to obtain our own site, the funding for such a venture remains a critical problem. Down payment is estimated at about $7500, far in excess of the treasury at present. Several alternatives for raising the money are being explored including private individuals, loans and contributions.


An intensive funds drive to raise all or part of the $7500 is being initiated May 16th on the Puerto Penasco excursion. For those of you reading the REPORT on this trip you will notice a poster and donation container in your car for the purpose of raising funds to help PSRMA acquire a home. Since we suspect many of you are railfans or sympathetic with our cause of preserving vintage railway equipment, won't you help make that first important step into a permanent museum? A donation of any amount would be appreciated and is, of course, tax deductible. For those who wish to mail a contribution, please send it to; PSRMA Land Fund, P.O. Box 12096, San Diego, California 92112.

Please mark all contributions "land fund". Meanwhile intense efforts are planned during the summer to raise the remainder of the funds needed for a permanent home. Hopefully, PSRMA will have a permanent home by the end of the year. Won't you help?

The REPORT is published monthly by and for the members of PSRMA. Editor is Jerry Windle assisted by the REPORT Committee consisting of Karen Hathaway, John Hathaway, Bob DiGiorgio, Tom Matson and George Geyer.


PSRMA's Traction Committee, little more than a year old, was formed in an effort to bring together those persons in the museum who have a mutual interest in traction. The group has adopted for a work project, unti1 they are able to locate a traction piece of equipment, former San Diego Electric Railway Car 508 which is at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum. In addition, the members hold a monthly meeting which is oriented strictly to traction topics. Member Tom Matson heads up the Committee and is eager to meet those who have an interest in traction. He may, be contacted at 273-8951.


16 - Annual Excursion to Puerto Penasco

2 - Board Meeting, 7:30pm, San Diego Trust & Savings

7- Board Meeting, 7:O0pm, San Diego Trust & Savings
19 - General Membership Meeting, 7:30pm AT&SF Depot

4 - Board Meeting, 7:30pm, San Diego Trust. & Savings

NOTE: PSRMA activities during summer vacation months are held to a minumum in order not to conflict with the vacation plans of its members.


EXCURSIONS - The May Board meeting was highlighted by the approval to schedule two more excursions during the current year. The first will be a Labor Day excursion for members only to San Francisco to tour the Municipal Railway lines. Using a chartered car, all the lines in the system will be covered. The three-day weekend will permit members to drive, fly or ride the train to San Francisco.

The second excursion will be via the Union Pacific to Kelso in late November. Highlights of the trip will be traveling over California's Cajon Pass and the beautiful Afton Canyon. Details on both excursions will he published in later REPORTS.

STEAM-UP — When our two locomotives join the equipment already located at Miramar, it will be necessary to move them across the base to our leased portion of track. Since the railroad will not switch on Navy Property and the Navy has no engine to switch the locos, the only feasible way to move them is under their own power. The Navy has agreed to let us operate the shay to preform whatever switching may be necessary. The distance from the railroad to our site is between two and three miles so this should provide some real training for our engine crews plus a great chance to see the shay under actual working conditions. As much advance notice as possible will be given to members prior to the steam—up.

CONDOLENCES - PSRMA extends its condolences to the parents of member Floyd M. Roberts. Floyd, 18, was a regular member and was very interested in all aspects of railroading especially model railroads. He passed away May 2.

SCOTSMAN - Latest schedule for the Flying Scotsman's second tour of the United States shows it leaving its winter home in Slaton, Texas on June 14 and heading north through Temple; Waco; Dallas; Muskogee, Oklahoma; Parsons, Kansas; St. Louis; Chicago; arriving at Green Bay, Wisconsin on July 19th at the National Railroad Museum. Plans had been made to bring the Scotsman to the West Coast starting in San Diego, but problems with the railroads prevented this. J. Barrett Gilmer of Coronado who spearheaded the efforts to bring the famed English locomotive and train to San Diego had more than $100,000 in pledges, but when the trip was cancelled he found that he had more than $l500 in bills. To pay these, he sold his model train collection he started when he was 6 years old, including the first engine he received in 1936 from his father which started him collecting the models.

CONGRATULATIONS - Heartiest congratulations are extended to the former Karen Lindquist and John Hathaway who were married on May 9th. Both Karen and John are avid railfans and have been active in the operation of the museum with Karen serving this year as Secretary and John serving on the REPORT committee writing the SOUTHWEST CORNER.