The sweetheart of PSRMA, Shay No. 3, was operated on Valentine's Day for members only and on what may well be her last operation on the Entlow Spur was a huge success.

The operation began promptly at 9 am when a match was dropped into her boiler igniting the huge stack of lumber. A number of apprentice enginemen were on hand for schooling under the supervision of Chief Mechanic Bob DiGiorgio.

With a full head of steam, the shay made her first move at 12:30, shoving the museum boxcar to the end of Entlow Spur to make room for the training runs. Member Bill Richards reworked the whistle cords and all three whistles worked great. The three quill whistle from the Coos Bay No. 11 really brings tears to the eyes of the steam engine whistle afficionados.

All members present, both regular and contributing, had their turn at both the firing valve and the throttle during the runs back and forth on the 300-foot spur.

Since this was perhaps the last operation for some time, those present may have to remember the sight and sound of our shay under steam for quite awhile...Let's hope not!!


Associated Press reports that the Colorado Legislature has approved an amount of $295,000 for the purchase of the Denver & Rio Grande Narrow Gauge line from Antonito to Farmington. The railroad had been pushing to abandon the line, dear to the hearts of railfans across the globe.


PSRMA members Tom Matson, George Geyer, Bill Richards and Jerry Windle attended the open house held by the Orange Empire Trolley Museum on February 21st. The open house celebrated the 12th year of existence for the trolley museum in Perris.

Cars operating that day were the 717 PE, the 1450 LATL Narrow Gauge, the PE Birney, the PE 1624 Freight-loco and the Sacramento Northern loco. Matson and Geyer, members of OET qualified on operating the narrow gauge cars.


Of special interest to railfans and members of PSRMA is a one-hour special entitled the "Ballad of the Iron Hor»e" which is scheduled on ABC-TV, Channel 6 locally, for Sunday March 15 at 7 pm.

"Railroads have been with us for years. At one time, the majestic and powerful locomotives were the mainstay of the American economy. They helped build the nation and develop the great western frontiers. Probably no other system of transportation has evoked more romance and longing for travel that the railroads. Their legacy is now told in a one hour special, the complete story of development and expansion of the American railroad, narrated and produced by John Secondari. It is a masterpiece of nostalgia."

The 3M company, sponsors of the special, is offering a beautiful 19x22 3/4 inch reproduction of a color painting showing a Northern Pacific Class Z-6, type 4-6-6-4 charging up a snow covered bank for $1. The print may be ordered by sending to: 3M Company, P.O.Box 3201, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55101.


14 - Line Truck Work Party, DiGiorgio's House, 9am*
15 - Open House at Locos, George Geyer, Host
19 - "The Train" Ken Theatre 7 & 9:15 pm*
20 - Traction Committee, 7:30pm Gary Johnson's House* 22 - Open House at Locos, Jim Lyeria, Host 29 - Open House at Locos, Chop Kerr, Host
* - Related article in this issue


The California Zephyr will pass into history on March 21. In February, the ICC gave permission to the Western Pacific to discontinue the train. No longer will passenger trains roll through the majestic Feather River Canyon.

The Pacific Railroad Society is offering a last chance to ride the Zephyr on a "Farewell Excursion" which will leave Los Angeles on March 18th. Flying to San Francisco, the group will board the Zephyr in Oakland for a two day trip.

Fares are: from LA, twin $87 each, $95 single; from San Francisco-Oakland twin $56 each, $63 single. The group will be limited to 40 so if you are interested please write immediately to the Pacific Railroad Society, P.O. Box 5279, Los Angeles, CA 90055.


Of special interest to railfans, since most seem to have an aversion to things which have long since passed from the American scene, is the now fully restored theatre organ in the Fox Theatre in Downtown San Diego. Seven people working for over three years and investing hundreds of their own dollars have restored the organ to its original condition and are now presenting monthly concerts to the public. The concerts are held on a Sunday morning in the theatre before the day's operation is begun. Occasionally the group, in cooperation with the Fox, sponsors a silent film with an organist providing the background music. Shades of the silent days. REPORT will attempt to provide the dates of these concerts and silent screenings in its Railfan Calendar each month.


It's time again for a gentle, little reminder for those of you who haven't renewed for 1970 to do so right away. If you're honestly interested in seeing PSRMA achieve its goals then your support is needed. A renewal form is provided elsewhere in this issue for your convenience. Also, if you're interested in active participation in museum activities, including equipment operation, then check the appropriate comments on the renewal form. We do need all the help we can get!

Members who have joined us for 1970 since the last issue include:

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April 15 is the cutoff date for renewals and delivary of the Report ends with the April issue for those who haven't renewed.