by Tom Matson

For all members of PSRMA this is perhaps our most important item to be concerned with the museum has four fine steam locomotives, UP car 576, and other miscellaneous equipment. Not always when PSRMA has obtained equipment has there been sufficient funds to pay for the equipment directly from the General Treasury. Such is the case now with Car 576. At present $471.53 has been donated to the Car 576 Fund. Of this amount, $242.32 has been loaned to the General Fund for a $229.21 net cash balance.

Member Tom Matson loaned $500 in July, 1967, of which $100 has been paid off for a balance due of $400.

Several people have loaned money for the Car 576 as noted below:

Eric Sanders               $50.00
Peter Botten              $500.00
William H. Adam            $100.00
Mr & Mrs Russell Hadley    $100.00
San Diego Trust & Savings  $500.00

TOTAL                     $1250.00

Total loans outstanding now rest at $1650. Mrs. Charles Kent has presented a check of $250 from friends of Chick Kent making a net loan balance of $1400. Considering the above cash balance of $200., we have a current debt of $1200.

If our 120-plus members gave $10 or more per person we could pay off all our loans. With this thought, we are including an envelope with this issue and the hope that you will send $10 or more in return.

Persons donating more than $10 apiece were the following:

H. C. Kerr, Jr.
Eric Sanders Stanton Kerr
Mrs. Charles Kent Dr. Richard Tullis
Walter Ely Friends of Chick Kent
John Cranston Tom Matson
Russell Hadley

PSRMA members on Car 576 excursion We thank all others who donated in any amount and hope you will continue to support us.


The Ways and Means Committee is considering a Film Festival. The Committee feels that any worthwhile money-raising project must appeal to the general public not just to the railfan.

PSRMA already has one very successful annual fund-raising event, the Puerto Penasco excursion. If another "annual" could be established, then we would begin to develop a dependable income base.

Groundwork is complete for such a festival. The schedule calls for four feature length films, each shown twice, at 7 and 9:15 PM on alternate, Thursdays at the Ken Theatre beginning in February, 1970. Tickets would be sold in advance for the entire series, which would guarantee the breakeven-point. Ticket price would be $6-$8 with a 5-10% discount on larger groups. Profit possibilities are considerable. At $8, 250 sales would give us $700 profit and 1,000 sales would net $5900. For such a project to succeed, a vigorous campaign would have to be conducted.

The series would feature these films:

THE GENERAL(l927) Buster Keaton silent classic
UNION PACIPIC(1939) CB DeMille's UP classic
THE TRAIN(1965) Modern railroad adventure
RETIREMENT OF MR. POLIAN (1968) Japanese RRing

Comments on such a project are solicited. Please contact Chop Kerr, 291-4787 or write.

OUR SYMPATHY goes out to chop Kerr, on the August 30th passing of his father. H. Chalmers Kerr, Sr., was taken ill suddenly in St. Louis, Mo. Chop flew over in time to be with his father, will remain in the area a few weeks.

by Richard E. Pennick President, P.S.R.M.A.

Really, the only thing unique about our organization is its stated purpose: to preserve and operate antique or historic railway equipment as a public attraction.

In all other respects, I'm afraid we are immutably typical of non-profit groups everywhere. The chief similarity, of course, is the constant and insatiable need for funds. I would guess that the energies of these groups are, or should be, directed 50% of the time toward raising money and the remaining 50% spending it.

Thanks to the concerned forthrightness of one of our new members, I was made painfully aware of the fact that, so far, the Museum Balance Sheet has nearly always tilted toward the "Spending" side of the scale, to the detriment of the "Earning" side. It's an indisputable fact that any organization, be it for pleasure or profit, will eventually, unerringly, fail if the outgo is allowed to exceed the income for too long. We can't allow this skeleton in our closet. We have too much at stake and too many avenues of resource available to us to allow such a catastrophe to occur. Fund-raising must be a 365 - day activity because not all "fund-raising" functions succeed in raising funds, despite the effort expended. I don't mean to say that there must be an activity each day of the year, but that planning must be a continual thing. The launch of a single space vehicle may be the result of years of planning.

The Museum has a vehicle now, in the form of the Ways and Means Committee, to accomplish whatever we decise our financial goal should be. But they don't have all the answers. If you feel that your ideas are sound and worthy of consideration, pass them on to the committeemen or take part in the committee itself.

We have some terrific plans for the future, and with what we have to offer, there is no doubt whatsoever that the Museum will achieve all of its goals in spite of any setbacks.

For a change of pace...


One of the most important activities of PSRMA is the locomotive exhibit at Harbor Drive and Crosby Street. Every Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 PM, the shay and the 2-8-2T are open for public inspection. The open house is widely publicized in tourist media and local newspapers. This is PSRMA's only regular contact with the public, and is establishing a foundation of interest which will benefit us when we have our own museum facility.

The staffing of the exhibit is coordinated by Chop Kerr. This is an easy, relaxing and pleasant way to spend an occasional Sunday afternoon and involves at most 4 hours. Lacking volunteers, calls will be made to all members for help. Chop promises not to assign anyone more often than every other month. Since the exhibit opened in April, 18 members have performed this task several 2 or 3 times. With our current membership, each one shouldn't be called on more than twice a year.

The one requirement for each staffer is a key to open the cab doors. Keys are available from Bob DiGiorgio for $1, which is refunded on the return of the key. So all please call Chop Kerr at 291-4787 for your Sunday assignment.