SAN DIEGO AND ARIZONA EASTERN: Diesel unit 1175 has been returned to the SP in exchange for unit 1126. The 1126 originally bore the number 4621, and is similar to the other 1100 series units already on the SD&AE, being equipped with dynamic, brakes. Roustabouts to the border and the southbay in general have been averaging about 18 cars per day during the past month. One change in the extra jobs which usually serve the southbay is that they have been operating beyond Agua Caliente during the past month. They have been going 4 kilometers further into Mexico to service Gaso-Butano. These trains usually will have 4 or 5 large tank cars of liquified petroleum gas in their consist......Business on the El Cajon line also seems to have picked up some. Some days three units are required to handle up to 22 cars. Most days the trains run at about 12 cars

SANTA FE: April fools day saw an oddity in San Diego. An "E" unit was in town on a Special train. What kind of passenger special we don't know....Yard units currently in use in San Diego are 2335, 2372 and 2394....... Have you noticed the color advertisements on TV lately. The Santa Fe is showing many of its types of freight cars with a pretty gal to explain what the cars are made to transport.....

UNION PACIFIC: The UP has a special centennial train on the road. It has one flat car two ex-V&T locomotives which have been thoroughly reconditioned to represent the CP's Jupiter and the UP's 119, They are said to be the same locomotives used in Cecil deMille's 1939 production UNION PACIFIC. The train also has a, museum car which has photos and models of locomotives and other equipment in use from construction days up to the present time. Other cars exhibit old tools and other artifacts of the 1860 era. The train was at San Bernardino March 24 to 26. Sorry we didn't know in time to publicize the event.

SAN DIEGO ELECTRIC RAILWAY: Pacific Traction has just put a model of San Diego's Class 5 cars on the market. Made of brass to HO scale, the cars retail at about $35.50. This is a modal of the famous 400's, the cars used on the La Jolla Line and on other city lines until all street car service ended. The model is equipped with 2 trolley poles and drawbars for MU operation. The cars when new had pantographs which were removed during the first couple of years, operation.