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will be opened to the public for inspection. It will consist of five coaches, a twin unit diner, a parlor-dome car, an observation car, and 3 baggage cars, the latter equipped as display cars to depict the history of American railroads. Ed. Note: If information is correct, the motive power used to pull the special is to be ex-Nickel Plate Road 759. (Railway Employee's Journal)


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As this item is being written on February 26, 1969, the Santa Fe's Surf Line is closed. Three bridges were washed out or damaged by flood waters in the Oceanside-San Onofre area. The last trains ran on February 24.

It has also been reported that the tracks were inundated in the canyon north of San Juan Capistrano and that flood waters had washed out the abutment of a freeway overpass near Laguna Hills allowing the structure to fall across the rails.

The same source also reported that two and one-half miles of main line were washed out in the Cajon Pass east of San Bernardino.

In talking to a Santa Fe yard employee, your editor has learned that at least a week will be needed to resume operation west of Barstow.

The Southern Pacific has also been hard hit again. Tracks in Cajon Pass on tho new cut-off are once again washed out. It is also said that the San Joaquin Division is out of service from flooding in Soledad Canyon.

Service on the Coast Line has also been discontinued because of washouts in the Oxnard-Ventura-Santa Paula areas.

As far as your editor can ascertain the only mainline service in and out of Southern California is on the SP from Yuma to Los Angeles, and on the SD&AE to San Diego, but he cannot say that all of a the information is correct.

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