The year 1969 will be the anniversary year for many historical events. Several that we can think of are local events.

In 1969, as most of us are aware is the 200th Anniversary of the founding of San Diego, the first city in California.

Many events are planned through out the year. Mostly the theme of events will be based on the Spanish period of San Diego's history. Other important milestones will undoubtably be celebrated, too!

Of More interest to the railfan, is the 100th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike, completing the first transcontinental railroad, on May 10, 1969. This is expected to be some shindig. A re-inactment of the driving of the spike is to take place at Promontory, Utah. The Union Pacific is said to be getting one of its famous "Big Boy" locomotives ready for operation in honor of the event.

Locally, November 15, 1919, will mark the 50th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike completing the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway. The spike was driven in the desolate Carriso Gorge by John D. Spreckels, the roads chief.

The golden spike driven in Carriso Gorge cost $286.00 in 1919, and is now owned by the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. The spike today is in the custody of the San Diego Trust and Savings Bank of San Diego, and is often displayed by the bank.

Local trolley fans may be saddened by remembering that April 24, 1969, will mark the 20th anniversary of the last street car operation in San Diego. The cars of the San Diego Electric Railway were replaced by busses, starting on the 25th.

Today, several of the street cars remain on display. Two of the PCC cars, the 508 and 528, are in Southern California. The 508 is at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum at Perris, while the 528 is on static display at the Del Mar Fairgrounds under the custody of the San Diego Railway Historical Society. Another car, the 1043, a former Third Avenue Railway System car is now at the Bay Area Electric Railway Association's museum at Rio Vista Junction, California.

The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association will be ten years old in 1969, but it cannot officially celebrate until 1971. What? Well, the story goes this way.

The first meeting of many leading to the formation of the museum was held on October 18, 1959.

The museum, then called the San Diego County Railway Museum, was not officially formed until April, 1961. Looks like we will have to wait until 1971 to celebrate, too bad we can't join the others in '69.

Well, we hope you can have fun in celebrating the others. Maybe if you are in luck, you'll be able to make it to the big blow out at Promentory Point, Utah, on May 10.


Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association of San Diego, County, California, Incorporated.

Officers are:

Richard Pennick, president; Jerry Windle, vice president; Thomas W. Matson, secretary; David G. Hobson, treasurer; Eric Sanders, chairman of board

Museum address is:
P. O. Box 12096 San Diego, California 92112

Report Address is:
2418 Edding Drive Lemon Grove, California 92045

Charles L. Kent, editor.


If you haven't yet renewed your membership for 1969, please remember that they are now due. Fees for regular members is $10 and $3 for contributing members.

Please remember to make all checks and money orders payable to Pacific Southwest Railway Museum. Please address to J. F. Hathaway, Director of Personnel, P. O. Box 12096, San Diego, California 92112.