N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R

SANTA FE: Alco RSD-5 road-switchers in the 2100 Class have replaced the 700 Class Geeps on the Oceanside-Escondido-Vista branches....Application has been made to drop 33 passenger trains in connection with the dropping of mail contracts. All are expected to go except certain connecting service and the four principle transcontinental trains.....mail trains 7 and 8 have been discontinued.....The road still handles mail into San Diego. It comes in baggage and box cars handled in freight service. The cars are transferred to the SD&AE which serves the Post Office Annex on Main Street. A great number of hopper cars loaded with Potash were handled in October. An extra job called out of San Diego went out to pick up some potash which had been set out north of Sorrento...

PICKERING LUMBER CORPORATION: Ex-Pickering, 3-truck shay No. 11 has been moved from Standard by its owner, Tom Irion. The locomotive travelled on its own wheels to the Bay Area Electric Railroad association's California Railway Museum at Rio Vista, California, near Fairfield. It will be operated there in the future. (Pacific News).

CALIFORNIA WESTERN RAlLROAD: The "Super Skunk" was trapped by the derailment of some NWP diesels at Willits. The passengers were rescued by a CW diesel and four ex-SP commute cars now owned by CW......(Pacific News)

PUBLICATIONS: The Southwest Railroad Historical Society has published a booklet called "The Age of Steam Exhibit." It is well done and shows all of their equipment in photos of very good quality. The 8-1/2x11 booklet also gives a good history of the SRHS and its exhibits. It is well worth reading and its cost is small-one dollar. The booklet may be obtained from the SRHS, 6623 Santa Fe Ave., Dallas, Texas 75223.