Shay Number 3 in service on the Feather River Railway. Engine is now in San Diego, stored in Santa Fe Yards. ( D. S. Richter photo )

PSRMA's former Feather River Railway shay locomotive was shipped from Perris on Friday, June 9. The locomotive arrived in San Diego on Saturday, June 10 at about 10 p.m.

Upon arrival at Santa Fe' s 22nd Street yard the locomotive was met by many museum members and other area rail fans. The shay was immediately moved to a spur which was formerly used by the Standard Iron Works, where it will be stored. The spur is located directly east of the Santa Fe's yard office. Key to gate may be obtained from the yardmaster on duty in the yard office by members disiring to visit the shay.

Dennis White was the museum's official rider on the shay. He was accompanied for part of the ride by another member, Kent Anderson, who is working for the Santa Fe at Barstow for the summer.

The cost of moving the shay from Perris came to $422. As you might guess our treasury is once again quite low. Please don't forget, if you didn't donate toward the Lavino engine, that some help would especially be appreciated. And even if you did your aid would still be most welcome.

The first work party for cleaning up the shay will be on Saturday, July 15, beginning at 9:00 a.m. General Superintendent Walt Hayward stated that members should bring scrapers of some sort and that a putty knife would be the ideal tool. Come on down, see you there.