3. Said member must be given a thirty day period in which to request & special hearing.


Section 1. The regular membership shall fix, from time to time, the amount of dues or assessments, or both, to make them payable at such times or intervals and upon such notice and by such methods as they may prescribe.


Section 1. There shall be four regular business meetings each year. Each meeting shall be during the first month of each quarter.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the president, other presiding officer, board of directors, petition of any eight regular members, or as covered by Article II, section 4, subsection H.

Section 5. The board of directors shall meet once each month. A schedule of board meetings shall be published in the first issue of the association publication each year.

Section 4. Members must be advised of special meetings at least one week in advance. Section 5. Further provisions, pertaining to meetings shall be as outlined under other articles in these by-laws or in the association standing rules.


Section 1. Standing committees shall be formed as the need for them arises.

  1. Standing committees and appointnents to same shall be made by the board of directors.

  2. Each standing committee shall submit a legible progress report to the board of directors before the last meeting of the board in each quarter.

  3. The titles and duties of each standing committee shall be outlined in the standing rules.

Section 2. Special committees shall be fomed for the study of a specific problem, technique, or duty of the association, or for any special action that may require the effort of a committee.

  1. The president or the board of directors may form a special committee.

  2. A legible report of the activities of each committee shall be submitted to the board of directors before the last meeting of the board in each quarter.

  3. After a special committee has completed its obligation it shall automatically be terminated.

  4. At the termination of each special committee, a legible summary shall be submitted to the board of directors for review, after which it shall be filed in the association records.


Section 1. Nominations shall be open during the third regular business meeting of each year.

Section 2. Nominations may be submitted by mail. Such nominations must be read at the above meeting.

Section 3. The names and potential offices of all nominees must be published in the issue of the association publication immediately following the above meeting.

Section 4. The annual general election shall be conducted at the final regular business meeting of each year. Each regular member IN GOOD STANDING shall receive a ballot at this meeting unless the member is out of San Diego County or for personel reasons will be unable to attend the election meeting. Any such member may request and receive an absentee ballot from the association secretary at any time during the month following the nominations.

Section 6. An election committee shall be elected immediately before the general election. This committee shall be limited to three regular members in good standing. The purpose of this committee is:

  1. To assure that only eligible members receive a ballot.

  2. To check and count all ballots.
  3. To assure that the results of the election are posted in a manner which may be seen by all members.

Section 6. Further provisions may be prescribed in the association standing rules.