N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R

SANTA FE is working on a huge project to divert Paradise creek in National City. The project is on Santa Fe property located between Interstate 5 and the SD&AE's Coronado line. This will all tie in with the 24th street marine terminal and flood control channel for Sweetwater river. The end was pulled out of a car of potash near Sorrento recently, closing the Surf Line for about 5 hours. Much potash is in evidence at the 22nd street yard, with one engine working continuously to keep the bulkloader supplied with cars.

SAN DIEGO & CORONADO FERRY COMPANY experienced a ten per cent increase in vehicle and passenger patrons in 1966. $47.6 million in revenue bonds were sold by the Division of Bay Toll Crossings to finance the San Diego - Coronado bridge. This spells doom for the ferries in 1969. Better take a ride while they are still around. And don't forget, take those pictures now - 1969 will be tbo late.

SAN DIEGO TRANSIT SYSTEM last year operated 260.6 miles of bus routes, a decrease of 15.5 from 1965. It also carried about a half million fewer passengers, but made more money. Take over by the SDTC may be a year or more away because of litagation over the public take over. The system now is operating 216 busses.

SAN DIEGO AND ARIZONA EASTERN has placed a second roustabout in service to serve the South Bay celery packing plants. On duty at 7 pm this job has been using Engine 1175, an EMD SW-7, equipped with multiple unit equipment and oscillating lights. Engine 5101 was temporarily sent to Bakersfield to switch mail cars there. Other engines in town include, 5106, 5114, 5119, 1010 and 1013. The 5106 was tied up for a few days recently after a traction motor fire. A replacement truck was sent from Los Angeles.