The San Diego County Railway Museum was organized Sunday, April 16, 1961 for the express purpose of acquiring land for an operating railway museum. Details of operation would be formulated once the land was acquired. Charter members of the Museum are; Alan Diamond, Douglas Duncan, Terry Durkin, Wally Duthie, Fred Finke, Charles Gerdes, Lyle Judd, Eddie Junghans, Gene Lindsay, Bill Morrison, Eric Sanders, Jack Stodelle and Bill Wooton.

First regular meetings were held on May 21 and July 23. The third Sunday is the usual meeting time.

Third regular meeting of the San Diego County Railway Museum is set for Sunday, August 20, 7:30pm at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Eric Sanders, 7661 Normal Ave., La Mesa. At the 7800 block on University turn south to Normal.

Officers of the Museum are Lyle Judd, president; Eric Sanders, secretary; and Charles Gerdes, treasurer. Dues are $1 per month or $10 per year and an initiation fee of $5.

Some months ago the Dispatcher published two issues of Report in the interests of railway museum activity. Your secretary hopes that members will accept the continuation of REPORT as an official meeting notice and an announcement of activities. Future secretaries need not be bound by this practice.


After summarizing Museum activity up to meeting time President Lyle Judd suggested that members decide whether to continue the search for track lease or to commit themselves to the purchase of land. After a brief discussion,Jack Stodelle offered the motion which stated that the Museum would acquire land for an operating museum and that the land should be near a railroad facility. Douglas Duncan seconded the motion and all members voted for the motion. Prior to the acceptance of the motion it was indicated that individual members might join in the purchase of property. Land would be deeded to the Museum for right-of-way and then the bulk of the land would remain the private property of the purchasers. It was agreed that definite plans could not be formulated until land availability was checked.

Dick Pennick stated that the Railway Historical Society of San Diego did not wish to join forces with the Museum at this time because it, the Society, did have a museum committee which was continuing its search for a museum site.

Jack Stodelle reported on a private project which involved the purchase of a business car.

If the secretary does not have your correct address and phone number, please send in correct data for a forthcoming roster of members. Also be sure to pay your dues to Treasurer Charles Gerdes.


Your secretary has learned that some members have been investigating local real estate. Most interest seems to center in Campo. There is also a civic project which has come to Museum attention. This will be discussed at the meeting.

It's news now. The Tribune's Neil Morgan announced that Jack Stodelle, Fred Finke, Wally Duthie, Tom Sefton, John Gorby, Jerry Lee Pecht and others have purchased Soo Line business car 52. Complete with kitchen, dining room, solarium, and sleeping facilities, it's a real gem. Jack will tell us all about it.

SD&AE combine 175 has been purchased by an unidentified party and is already at Perris. OET also has a blimp. And the green and cream blimp is at Travel Town. The U.S. gypsum inspection car, owned by RHSofSD, is now at a site across from the control tower at Gillespie Field. See you.