The PACIFIC SOUTHWEST RAILWAY MUSEUM ASSOCIATION, Inc., of San Diego, a nonprofit corporation, wishes to announce that it has obtained the donation of two operable 0-6-0T type steam locomotives. The PSRMA concluded negotiations on May 11, 1966 for the donation of a coal-burning locomotive by the E. J. Lavino and Company, an ore processor. The engine is presently located at that company's Sheridan, Pennsylvania, plant. A second locomotive was donated on June 6 by the Southwestern Portland Cement Company (Mojave Northern Railroad) at Victorville, California. Present plans call for the display and operation of the locomotives at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum which is located at Perris, California, approximately 19 miles from Riverside and 80 miles from San Diego. The City of Perris is on U.S. Highway 395. At present, the Orange Empire Museum has over one half mile of track ready for operation, with much more under construction. The PSRMA is now in the process of investigating possible museum sites in San Diego County at which its equipment might be operated.

Locomotive E. J. Lavino No. 10 was built by ALCO in 1923. It has 44-1/2" drivers, operates on 180 pounds boiler pressure, and weighs 117,440 pounds. It is in fully operable condition and is one of the finest locomotives available today. It is of classic Reading Railroad 0-6-0T design. A picture of the engine may be found in the September 1961 issue of Trains Magazine, page eight.

The second locomotive, Mojave Northern Railroad No. 3, was built by the Davenport Locomotive Works in 1923. It is a saddletank oil burner with 190 pounds boiler pressure. It also is in operable condition. (Fans should note that the sister locomotive No. 2 is NOT for sale. It is in poor condition and will be placed on public exhibit by the Southwestern Portland Cement Co.)

The PSRMA has finally achieved the goal of obtaining operating engines for the railfans of Southern California but your support is needed if this project is to be a complete success. Due to the distance involved, the shipping costs will be approximately $2600. Funds are urgently needed. If you are interested in seeing a live steam locomotive in Southern California, please lend your support in the form of a cash donation. No amount is too small don't hesitate to send whatever you can spare.

Persons or organizations donating $100 or more to the fund will have their names inscribed on a plaque to be exhibited with the locomotive and will also receive a three year cab and train pass, good whenever the engine is in use. Anyone who is able to donate $50 or more will receive the three year cab and train pass, and those who are able to donate $20 will receive a one year cab and train pass. Those who donate $10 will receive a one year train pass (no cab privileges).

Don't delay answer this appeal now. Only you can help make the project a success. Please use the coupon below.

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Please mail your contribution to: PSRMA, 1828 Gateway Drive, San Diego, Calif., 92105