N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R

With the Greyhound strike, some of the San Diegans have carried up to 1000 passengers. On weekends some schedules ran up to as many as three sections. Many of the trains consisted of up to 14 cars. The Santa Fe in the past has not been a great mixer of motive power. Now it is reported that like other roads, power is being mixed regardless of makes and types.

Construction of the long awaited Colton-Palmdale cutoff began on April 5. The 78 mile line will require 17 trestles and bridges, 283 culverts, 5-1/2 million cubic yards of grading, 1600 tons of welded rail and 250,000 tons of rock ballast. Scheduled for completion in l8 months, the line will cost $22 million. Cajon Pass will be a train watchers paradise. (SP Bulletin)

41 cars of a 90 car freight piled up at Coyote, Calif, on May 30. Thee big crash, near San Joso, was reported to have been caused by a hot box on the 9th car. The Lark was stopped at Salinas and passengers carried by bus to their destinations. Service was resumed over temporary track on May 31. ( S D Union )

A new team track was recently placed in service at National City. The new track is known as the Bahia Vista team track and is located at 24th Street on the main line.

Prospects of even heavier traffic on the El Cajon line are bright. Over a mile of new track is now under construction in El Cajon's industrial area. Included are tracks serving three now warehouses.

In Frank Rhoades column in the Union....Thirty-four of the town's top men have petitioned Southern Pacific to provide them an excursion through Carriso Gorge, where passenger service is not scheduled. Stock broker Robert A. Bowdon, in a letter to SP president B. F. Biaggini, described the gorge as "one of our finest features," that civic and finicial leaders should be familiar with it. (It's breathtaking).....