Now is the time for all members to come to the aid of their club! As you know, our organization has been donated two operable 0-6-0T steam locomotives. One is located close by at Victorville, but the other is 3000 miles away in Sheridan, Pennsylvania (near Reading). The locomotive at Sheridan, E. J. Lavino #10, will be shipped aa soon as possible, because a messenger must be aboard it all the way out. During the summer months is the only time that we can obtain an engine messenger, and E. J. Lavino WILL NOT store the engine until next year.

We have been attempting to acquire equipment for the last five years—-and now we have done it. Next comes the hard part, and we need your support——all of it. The shipping charges on the Victorville engine are small, but for the #10 they are larger—possibly as high as $2600. We are working on a half-rate order from the railroads involved, but there is no guarantee that we will get it. The engine will be shipped within two months, so we need the money now.

The engines will be put on display and operated at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum for the present. They will be moved to a museum site in San Diego County later, if a suitable site is located. In the meantime, our club will be able to fire up and operate our own locomotives!!!

For the first time in our not-so-short history, we are making an appeal to our members to contribute what they can to our fund raising efforts. In the final analysis, it is the support you give that will enable us to achieve our goal. Remember this: don't lot "George do it", because "George" is going to be expecting the same thing.

How much can you spare? This may not be a good time of year to ask for money, what with vacations just around the corner. Still, the money is urgently needed! Any amount, however small, that you send will put us that much closer to our goal, If every member could send $50.00 over the next two or three months, for example, we would be close to obtaining the amount we need!

We wanted those engines, now lets get them! The brochure enclosed is for your use, or bring what you can to the next meeting, June 19. The names of all donors will be published regularly in the REPORT.

....And don't forgot, we may have to raise more money if the Florida engine donation comes through. Dig deep....


ANOTHER LOCOMOTIVE DONATED TO PSRMA! Southwestern Portland Cement Company has donated their No. 3, an 0-6-0T to our museum. It is an oil-burner built in 1923 by Davenport Locomotive Works. It is in good condition and was donated to us on Friday the 15th of May. This engine will be shipped to Perris about the end of June....

CHARLES POLLARD'S LOCOMOTIVE has been sold to Mr. John Porter of Poway. It was sold for a reporterd $25,000. It will be moved sometime the week of June 6 to Poway. Mrs. Pollard indicated that the engine will be used for astrictly commercial operation. (Terry Durkin)

AT THEIR JUNE MEETING, members of the Railway Historical Society of San Diego voted to dispose of the U. S. Gypsum narrow gauge (3') cabin car. It was purchased from the Imperial County mining railway somo years ago. Supposidly it will go >to the highest bidder, whether it be railfan or scrap dealer.

VICTORVILLE will give PSRMA what they have in their spare parts inventory, along with tho 0-6-0T, No. 3 .............