160 MPH TRAINS COMING SOON JETS, NO LESS..............................

According to news clipping recently received from Charles Ekholm, rail passengers between Providence and Boston will be zipping along early next year in swift new trains capable of speeds up to 160 miles per hour on existing tracks.

The trains are to be built by United Aircraft and are called Turbine Motor Trains. They are powered by ST-6 gas turbine engines. The trains will be quiter, lighter, smoother and cleaner than today's trains. Eventually the trains will be in use on New York-Boston runs.

According to Trainmen news, a brotherhood publication, the cars will be constructed by the Pullman Company and will provide luxury accommodations for 156 passenger.

Features will include a self-banking system to allow the train to travel curves at much higher speeds. It will take only 18 seconds to reach top speed from a standing start.

This is part of the U.S. department of Commerce project to modernize rail service in the Northeast Corridor.


PSRMA's work party of February 27 worked on the SMV railbus. Walt Hayward reports that the wiring is now almost completed on the bus. Only the hooking up and installation of the front lights remain Charles Gerdes and Stanton Kerr have finished their work on the frame and the bus is ready to have the side panels mounted upon it.

No date has been set by the Museum Operating Committee for a work party this month. These work dates are soon to be set up on a monthly basis. The date will fall on a certain Sunday of each month. Watch your Report for the dates.

Anyone interested in being librarian? If so, please contact Walt Hayward. Our museum is in need.

Special thanks to Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Hayward for the time they donated in folding and addressing PSRMA brochures plugging the upcoming Movies. Also thanks are due Kent Anderson, George Allen, Terry Durkin, and Charles Gerdes for their part in making the movies possible. Jack Stodelle deserves special thanks for his efforts in obtaining the films and theatre.

As a reminder, our next meeting is March 20, at 7:30pm. It will be held in the old library building at El Cajon...



A girl named Pamela Jacobson became lost on the way home one night last December. She followed a bus which was headed downtown. Only after following it into a tunnel with her car did she discover it was a street car. At any rate she wound up in the Market Street Subway. She left her car at the first station and called the police. A street car was used to pull her auto, a mustang with license plates bearing the letters JAM, out of the subway. Miss Jacobson was charged with reckless driving. (Time points)


The Bloor subway was opened in February. The displaced trolleys are to be sold in Mexico, South America, and possibly in the U.S.(Trainman News).

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