You are reminded that the Pacific Southwest Museum Assn. has an operating museum. The museum is open to the public and located at 4880 Beaumont Dr. La Mesa, California.

Hours of operation at the museum are from 1 to 5 each Sunday. The museum is also open to the public on Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 10. On one Sunday each month the museum will be open all day. Those days will be as announced in the PSRMA Report.

The museum is open to clubs and other groups on Saturday by appointment only. To arrange for a Saturday appointment you are invited to call the museum at 466-0681.

Equipment at the museum which may be rode and inspected include a Santa Maria Valley RR railbus, and various other pieces of rolling stock used to transport workmen, such as hand cars and motor cars.


PSRMA sponsored an unusual New Year's weekend activity. A tour directed by Wally Duthie was operated from San Diego to Guaymas, Mexico. The days from December 30th to January 2 were great days of fun according to Duthie. The portion of the trip from Mexicali to Guaymas was by train of course.

A side trip from Hermosillo to Bahia Kino and along the very mountainous coast was made by bus.

On the return trip a very unusual operation occurred between Benjamin Hill and Mexicali. The Pullmans and the Cyris K. Holiday were placed directly behind the headend cars and ahead of the coaches. Upon arrival at Mexicali the diesels and baggage cars were cut off and headed into the wye. The remaining portion of the train was then shoved into the station allowing the Pullmans to be spotted opposite the first class waiting room. Another group with the private car "Cariboo" was observed leaving Empalme on Friday.


The PSRMA has had plans since its inception to operate a live steam locomotive. Today those plans appear to be almost a reality.

Plans to purchase a steam locomotive have gone forward nicely. At present the museum is awaiting the approval of the Mexican federal Government in the purchase of a Unidos y Yucatan locomotive. The engine is a 4-4-0 (American) type built by Baldwin in 1887. At present it is still in service.

The museum has bid $2400 on its purchase. To assure its shipping cost and any repairs which might be necessary it has been decided to capitalize the engine for $4000. At present pledges and promises for $3200 have been obtained. The following persons have pledged varying amounts to make up the $32OO: Dick Pennick, Walt Hayward, Dwight Couch, Jack Stodelle, Bernard Dur-kin, Terry Durkin, Thomas W. Sefton, Eric Sanders, Jim Spicer and Al Diamond.

Collateral for the loans will be the locomotive itself. Those loaning money towards the locomotive will form a committee within the museum to safeguard, their investment. The loans are to be paid off over a ten year period by the museum with a rate of 6 percent.

Loaners and donors who are interested in keeping this project on the move are urged to contact Terry Durkin for all particulars. Terry's address is 1521 West Hotel Circle, San Diego, California, 92110, His phone is 298-0407.