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SANTA FE NEWS BRIEFS New standard time schedules for the San Diegans are: Lv. Los Angeles at 9 a.m., 12:10 p.m., and 6:15 p.m.; lv. San Diego at 8 a.m., 1 p.m., and 4:15 p.m. Standard time departure for trains 73 and 78 has been advanced one hour over summer schedules. Other trains depart at the same standard time. Running time for all trains (12:01 p.m. excepted) is two hours and 55 minutes.....RDC's DC-191 and 192, once used on the Surf Line, were hauled into Albuquerque on August 10 for service, effective August 15, on Trains 13 and 14 out of El Paso, The RDCs were formerly used on Trains 311 and 312, the Newton - Dodge City run. Consist of the El Paso train, prior to August 15, included EMD locomotive 84, baggage-postal 2102, baggage 3671, and chair cars 3139 and 3147.....Santa Fe has petitioned to discontinue Trains 25 and 26, Carlsbad - Clovis. M-160 and M-190 were used at times on these trains (New Mexico Railroader).....Santa Fe Surf line trains face slow orders in the Rose Canyon area, account of Interstate Highway 5 construction.....Santa FE's plans to open and provide access to its own industrial land in Chula Vista may be in the news again. .....Future of the Surf Line passenger service may have a relationship with the success or failure of the 125-mile an hour northeast corridor train service scheduled to begin in 18 months between Boston - New York - Philadelphia - Washington on the Pennsylvania and New Haven (New Haven?!) railroads.....Consist of a recent San Diegan, more or less typical, was locomotive 51F-67F, baggage car, coaches 3149-3086, snack car 1398, coaches 3087-3076..... A one day speed up eastbound on piggyback and regular carload freight from California points to Chicago and the east has been inaugurated by the Santa Fe, according to Ernest S. Marsh, president. The expedited service provides for fourth morning delivery in Chicago compared with the previous fifth morning delivery. The faster schedule will also benefit shippers whose traffic is routed through Chicago to eastern destinations. Westbound delivery is already fourth morning. (Santa Fe Public Relations)

NATIONAL STEEL & SHIP BUILDING COMPANY was the low bidder on construction of four 382-foot Washington State ferries. Because completion time was to be longer than that of the second Iowest bidder, National may not get the contract. Each ferry would carry 150 cars and several thousand passengers.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new $2,635,000 passenger terminal at LINDBERGH FIELD will be held November 18. Tenants are United, American, Western, Delta, National, Bonanza, Pacific, Pacific Southwest, and Catalina-Vegas.

FERROCARRIL SONORA-BAJA CALIFORNIA - S.C.T. lettered steam locomotive 1355, a 2-8-0, was at Mexicali over the October 9-10 weekend, according to Wally Duthie.....passenger platform area at Coahuila is (has) being improved.

************************************SPECIAL NEWS ITEM******************************************

Alas: Sonora-Baja California Railroad's steam locomotive No. 1355, a 2-8-0, will not haul PSRMA's train to Puerto Penasco on May 29 --- a diesel-electric unit will do the job. Wally Duthie, PSRMA's excursion director, learned that No. 1355 (number needs to be re-checked!) was loaned by the National Railways of Mexico to the S-BC for use in a Mexican-made movie, "Viento Negro" ("Black Wind"). Duthie had noted that the locomotive was in Mexicali last month and he had heard that it (and allegedly another locomotive) was on the line to aid in a re-railing project. Unfortunately, according to Raul Bustamente, FSBC traffic manager, the steamer is not now in operating condition and has not been for some time. Neither can it be restored to operating condition. So, Duthie says, there'll be no steam trip to Puerto Penasco. Incidently, Wally was told that the locomotive has now been "given" to S-BC and will eventually be placed on exhibit on the Mexicali station property.


SPACE TO SAY that REPORT is edited by Eric Sanders, 7861 Normal Ave., La Mesa, as the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc. of San Diego County, California....Also that Train 74 ran into trouble on November 12. A truck ran broadside into a car in the middle of the train. The car was cut out. Train was 55 minutes late into San Diego and Train 75 left San Diego 25 minutes late. That's all for this time!