2. Watch for train movements. Expect the unexpected. 3. Do not board or leave the train while it is in motion. Play safe. 4. Doors must be closed when the train is in motion (Top half of the door may remain open). 5. Children must be supervised by their parents. Young children should be with their parents when the train is moving.


Miles from K.P.from
Mexicali Pascualitos Station Remarks
0.00 - - - Mexicali Line from the International Border past the station to Pascualitos is the old "Inter-Cal."
5.59 6.00 Pascualitos Former junction of FSBC and the Inter-Cal. Pascualitos is a maintenance-of-way facility.
17.40 18.90 Cerro Prieto -
18.02 20.00 Canal Crossing -
25.17 31.4 Delta -
32.31 42.8 Victoria Look to your left. It's a quaint town.
34.49 46.59 Curve to left Curve to left, then right - for pictures.
36.04 48.8 Rio Colorado Here's the Colorado River one-lane rail-highway bridge. Leave train on right. Train will back and then move forward for pictures.
41.07 56.9 Coahuila Market town - included on short trips as a stop.
42.87 60.00 Baja California-Sonora State Line Look for sign on left.
44.49 62.3 Riito Short excursions turn back here. Town.
63.2 92.8 El Doctor Railroad whistle stop.
80.30 120.5 Kilometer 121 Railroad facility
85.07 128.2 Sanchez Islas Railroad facility
? ? - "the crosses which mark the graves of the surveyors who lost their lives" (See Issue 31 of the Dispatcher) Leave train on right. Train will back up. Wait west of track until photographers take pictures of the crosses.
93.07 141.1 Torres B. Railroad facility
113.97 173.2 Lopez Collada Railroad facility
133.86 206.9 Gustavo Sotelo Railroad facility
153.46 238.5 Puerto Penasco Train will proceed out branch from station to the town. Photographers may wish to stay en train for a switching movement on the wye, Others proceed to town.


AT PUERTO PENASCO excursionists will have a minimum of one hour to tour the town and waterfront. (Time may be extended if schedule permits) At 60 minutes - or longer - after the arrival, a long whistle will be blown. Please return immediately. Puerto Penasco is a small fishing town, commercial and sports fishing. It is popular with both California and Arizona fishermen. Beaches, several miles north and south, are visited by the shell collectors. There are several good camping spots. The town is 66 miles south of the Arizona border.

LISTEN FOR THE WHISTLES. One long blast - return to the train immediately. Five short whistles - board the train immediately. Two short blasts - we're off!

THIS AND THAT. Reservations at 7 p.m. Friday totalled 164 on the train; 26 on the bus. Officials are: Wally Duthie, excursion director; Dwight Couch, Kent Anderson and Eric Sanders are hosts. Aboard also as guests are Robert Weaver and Brian Storm of the San Diego Union.

REPORT is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Published six times a year. Address: 786l Normal Avenue, La Mesa, Calif. PSRMA meets the third Sunday, 7:30 p.m., at the "Old Library Building" in El Cajon, Calif.