Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association. It is published quarterly at 12 per issue to non-members.

PSRMA officers are; William Wootton, president; Wally Duthie, vice president; George Geyer, secretary; "Charles Gerdes, treasurer; Eric Sanders, past president & editor of Report; Walter Hayward, museum committee chairman.

PSRMA address is 1828 Gateway Drive, San Diego. Report: 7861 Normal, La Mesa.


In charge: Wally Duthie and Charles Gerdes. Bus escorts include officers shown above and Charles Ekholm, Bob Carlisle, Stanton Kerr, Dwight Couch, Gary Johnson and others to be added.


New Year's Weekend. PSRMA-Roaming Tours, Pullman and bus trip Mexicali, Benjamin Hill, Hermosillo, Bahia Kino and Guay- mas. Inquiries: 3380 Granada, S.D.

February Pasadena-Ripley-Blythe, two-day via Santa Fe. O.E.T trip.

March 14 PSRMA (tentative) East Los Ang- eles. Riverside, Yermo, bus to Calico Ghost Town. Bus S.D. to Riverside.

April 25 or May 2 RHSofSD. Santa Fe S.D. to Perris and Orange Empire Trolley Museum. Ride the street cars.


Here is where we stand. PSRMA now owns a Ford truck and a wig wag. Members respectively own a Birney car body, a horse car body, and some motorized section car equipment.
RHSofSD owns two operating street cars plus another street car body. RHS also owns the U.S. Gypsum narrow gauge car.

No local group to date owns land. The big push now is for land.

PSRMA seeks to build a fund from profits from excursion operation. There is a slight markup on excursion tickets. Sometimes the Museum makes a little money. But it's, a slow process.

Plans are underway to solicit $100 donations from 20 San Diego area railfans or other interested persons. This is not a Museum project although some of the promoters are Museum members. If $2000 can be raised the plan calls for the purchase of a plot of land within the metropolitan area. The land would serve as a storage and maintenance facility. Probably the museum itself would require a large investment and would be in a more remote location. Immediate need is for railfan or Museum owned land where equipment can be stored. Rail, ties and other items could be stockpiled.

Museums are being built all across the nation. Here and there one will find the fellows (and even the gals) operating street cars and steam trains. The idea of building an operating museum in this area is not a pipe dream. It can be done.

First we need some headquarters land. Do you have $100 - or even $25. Write us at 7861 Normal Avenue, La Mesa, if you'd like to help.


Any interested person can join the Museum. Mail in the vital statistics and a check for $2. We'd like to have you aboard. Contributing membership is $1.

PSRMA meets monthly - or perhaps every second month- at the "Old Library Building" in El Cajon. Presently we meet on Sundays. This day could be changed.

On the train look for Patrick Young. He worked many years ago in the Imperial Valley and in Baja California helping control the water from the Colorado River. We'll run some of his stories, next year in Report and the Dispatcher. But he has much to tell. So look him up.

Issue 31 of the Dispatcher has the complete story of the Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California. Read about the road's history and operation. Issue 31 is available on the train at 25 per copy. We'll be happy to sell you a copy.

Another issue, "A Private Car Comes to Town" also has some Mexican railroad data. It is available, too.


If you'd like to join PSRMA, talk with us, help us: Pacific Southwest Rly, Museum 1828 Gateway Drive

San Diego, Calif. 92105 Write us. Thank you all for joining us on the FSBC!