is a short section of track which just barely crosses the street to end of track. To the south of Western Lumber across a slough is more Santa Fe property. This one-time open-end channel is now crossed by an earth fill. A portion of the area is destined to be a new Port of San Diego marine terminal. Lumber and scrap iron will be handled here. Many industrial spurs have been built in the last two years on Santa Fe's National City property.... $4.40 M-Th RT rate began Oct. 1962 - still in effect.

It all started when both Santa Fe and Southern Pacific each proposed to build pipelines from the Los Angeles area to San Diego. It all ended when the Santa Fe Pipeline Co. and Southern Pacific Pipe Lines, Inc. organized the San Diego Pipe-line Co. A 10-inch line now carries jet fuel, gasoline, turbine fuel, and diesel fuel for the Navy and private users at a rate of 2,100 barrels an hour. Line tends to follow Santa Fe right-of-way, although the terminus, the present one, is up Mission Valley not far from the San Diego Mission.

An automobile got stuck on Santa Fe's track on Thursday, December 5, when it veered off a cross road on to the railroad right-of-way in the Stuart Farms area several miles north of Oceanside. On hearing a train whistle the driver jumped out and ran clear. At 5:45 p.m., northbound San Diegan Train No.77 crashed into the car and continued on about a mile down the tracks. Apparently pieces of the automobile became lodged under the locomotive wheels and as the train ground to a halt, the three locomotive units derailed, staying upright, and 180 feet of track were torn up. The train's seven passenger coaches and one baggage car remained on the tracks. No one was injured but the car was demolished, the locomotive units were damaged and hundreds of gallons of fuel were spilled. There was no fire. The train had been traveling 60 m.p.h. and fog restricted vision.

28 passengers boarded buses for transportation to Los Angeles and San Bernardino for connections with the Super Chief and the Sunset Limited. Other passengers remained aboard until 8 p.m. when a switch engine pulled the cars back to Oceanside. They boarded the buses there at 10 p.m. for Los Angeles.

Southbound Train No. 78 was halted north of San Clemente, then traveled to the scene of the accident and its passengers were transferred by buses around the accident so they could board a waiting southbound train (possibly Train 77's cars.). Four passenger trains and three freight trains were delayed by the mishap. A work train which included a "big hook" was sent from Los Angeles, By 3 a.m. (Friday) temporary by-pass track had been laid. A crew of over 100 men worked Friday to repair the damaged main. (This is the way the story appeared to us as we attempted to reconstruct the incident.).....Then there was the Santa Fe locomotive unit and freight car derailment on Market Street - but that's enough for now.

California Southern Express reported that Union Pacific posted notices to the effect that on December 2 the "City of St.Louis" will be discontinued west of Ogden. (It continues to run!) CSE's Bill Garner reports that UP's Mail No.6 has chair cars, through sleepers and a reasonably-priced diner lounge Las Vegas to Ogden and Cheyenne to Qmaha.

Victory I and II have been replaced on the Star & Crescent Boat Co. North Island run by two newer but similar vessels. The Juanita - if we remember correctly - for months or years has been making cocktail trips on Mission Bay and will stop at Sea World when it opens in late March... .the National City scrap yard ex-Rhode Island tank locomotive is similar to SD&A's No.2 and 5.....Addison Laflin up in Berkeley might like to know that San Diego's Orpheum Theater (once the Pantages) is being torn down to be replaced....FLASH! Apparently the Post Office will negotiate with Santa Fe for possible continuance of mail service via the "San Diegans." Here's hoping! .....Ramona Stage Lines closed down after a brief run. May reopen. ....San Diego Economy Line now runs through to El Cajon and Lakeside but passengers must pay two separate fares. It really isn't a through run for passengers even though the bus runs through.....San Diego refuses to cancel the franchise tax or give a subsidy so San Diego Transit's fares go up again and again and severe cutbacks have been made and will be made. Looks like Municipal Transit is coming up.